She was born on 16 August 1970 in San Martín del Rey Aurelio.

She studied piano at the Valle del Nalon Conservatory, and subsequently at the Eduardo Martínez Torner Conservatory in Oviedo, where she also completed her oboe and violin studies. Having been a member of Langreo Music Band for almost a decade, she played there first as a saxophonist and then as an oboe soloist.

She qualified in Music Teaching, and has been taking part in a great many courses on choir and orchestra management, both nationwide and international, with prestigious teachers such as Hans Dieter Reinecke, Joahn Duick, Edwin Lists, Lluis Vila, Laszlo Heltzay… in addition to multiple educational courses on music interpretation, chant, composition….

Her career as a choirmaster started in 1983, taking on the artistic direction of local choirs, and shortly afterwards she began conducting more relevant choral formations in Asturias, such as the Polyphonic Choral Ars Nova, the Choir of the Asturian Centre of Oviedo, or the Langreo Octet, of which she has been the choirmaster since it was founded.

With the choirs before mentioned, she has achieved several national and international prestigious awards: First prizes in the Folk Contest “City of Oviedo”; Silver and Bronze Lires in the International Contest of San Vicente de la Barquera; the “Axuntábense” award, granted by the Asturian Choral Federation, to the best original work; Third Prize at Bolzano International Folk Contest (Italy)…. as well as special mentions, such as the as the “Bronze Grouse” granted by the Asturian Centre of Madrid.

Currently she is in charge of the musical direction of the Langreo Octet, the Polyphonic Choral Ars Nova, the Choir of the Asturian Centre of Oviedo, the Music Association “De la Fuente” (Infiesto), and she is also a teacher at Piloña School of Music.